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Why a jewelery workshop?

There are many reasons to visit a jewelery workshop with me. Here are a few ideas:

Moni Pfunder photography

Moni Pfunder photography

As a unique experience

A jewelry workshop as a unique creative and craft experience, for which you do not necessarily need previous knowledge or talent.

After the workshop you can take your self-forged pieces of jewelery home with you.

You can decide how long your workshop should last and whether you would like to book overnight stays in the cozy "Roulotte".


As an introduction to a new hobby
- also as a gift for creative people

"I've always wanted to make jewelry." 

I'll show you the possibilities and what you need. Even after the workshop, I will be happy to advise you if you would like to carry out this creative craft at home.

A jewelery workshop can also be given away as an unforgettable event.

Moni Pfunder photography


partnership or friendship rings

As a sign of your bond, you can forge two unforgettable and unique rings with your partner or your best friend. Two unique pieces, just like you are.

Also a great gift idea.


Workshops also for children and young people

Teenagers and children learn in a fun way how to work metal and create a beautiful piece of which they can be proud. Whether it's a pendant, ring, stone bead bracelet or a bookmark... there are hardly any limits to your imagination. For boys and girls. As an experienced educator, I know how to respond individually to children and young people and inspire them.


Accommodation on site in the "Roulotte"

You can also combine your jewelry workshop with relaxing days in Burgundy. This comfortable and well-equipped roulotte on our horse ranch is available. From €85 per night. More pictures on:

You can google other accommodations in the area around our location "71320 Cuzy".


Forge luck at the horse ranch

The income from the courses helps us to finance our privately run sanctuary for rescued animals. On request, course participants and holiday guests have the opportunity to get in touch with our horses, ponies and other animals and to take part in farm life. Also for teenagers and children. 


Moni Pfunder photography

Your creative time-out in Burgundy

I would be happy if you contact me.  This way we can find out together how we can arrange a stay with us in beautiful Burgundy that is tailored to your needs and includes a jewelery workshop.

You can find more information and the prices here. I would be happy to make you a personal offer.

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